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All of the PNDM and WebCR client databases have been upgraded to version 5.9.1. There are very notable features since the version 5.6.5 release.
Did you know about the Provider Entry Wizard? Go to Quick Entry > Entry Wizard > Provider Entry. There is some configuration data set up instructions located in the PNDM on line help file. Using this wizard you can customize the input screens for professionals and facilities to align with your organizational requirements.
Also in Quick View, a Provider Data Overview Screen has recently been added. This screen allows the user to view multiple aspects of an overall provider record from a single page. There is also a details button to drill into a display of the details for each data section. Some user interface features were made to the Quick View screens. The size for all field related to the provider group name has increased to allow for the display of the full group name (up to 120 characters). A new Clear Search button allows you to clear all search criteria and start a new search without first navigating to each field to delete the data.
Interested in Contract Modeling? Contract Modeling gives you information to negotiate more effectively with providers, improving the savings potential for you and your members. The reports compare identical claim sets that have run against different provider fee arrangements.
With each release we have enhanced the Mass Updates functionality. A new link on the mass updates menu permits inserts and updates to the Generic Extended Table for both professionals and facilities. Generic extended data is a great method to store user defined fields. Please refer to the on line help file for details on how to set up generic extended data.
In the Contracts screen, a practice group field was recently added to allow a method to indicate that all providers that practice at a specific address. Have you been looking for a method to capture a main address to several providers? PNDM has a Master Contact Address feature to allow a master address for all providers who practice at the same location.
In the Custom Reports section, additional tables such as fee schedules were added to the functionality.